Monday, February 11, 2013

In December and January I had gotten several requests for custom order socks, which I accepted even though I knew how badly I wanted to set out on my new direction in weaving (woven shibori).  I had to set the weaving aside for a bit and work on socks, a bit of a challenge as the sock machine likes the winter cold even less than I do, and was occasionally temperamental. 

The photos below of socks that were delivered on Saturday.  (Little or no sun when I photographed them.)  I still have one order to go and one week to complete them as they will be delivered one week from tonight.

Men's socks (balsam, evergreen, chocolate brown).

Closeup of socks above.

Men's socks (bordeaux, celestial blue, true navy).

Closeup of socks above.

Women's socks (balsam, celestial blue, scarlet).

Closeup of socks above.

Women's socks (balsam, green, scarlet).

Closeup of socks above.

For now, I am not accepting custom orders for weaving or socks.  I have deadlines weaving (and dyeing), and a home I need to work on, so am having to set some things aside. 

And now, I'm going down to the studio to weave another woven shibori sample, then crank a pair or two of socks.  Check back for progress on both!


shiborigirl said...

phew! got my order in under the wire then! shibori weaving sounds good.

Janice Zindel said...

You did, Glennis! Your socks will be pictured in the next blog post, along with the last order. Hoping you have them in your hands about the same time.

Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Love all the socks, but the first pair is my favorite.

Janice Zindel said...

I really liked that pair, too, and unfortunately they didn't photograph, in the available light, nearly as nice as they looked. I may have to make a pair of those for myself and take a pic outdoors on a sunny day to try and get the colors more true. They are dark(ish) but not dreary, nice colors, and I believe this was the first pair of that color combo. I was really pleased with how they knit up together!