Saturday, January 31, 2009

Simple, Functional Towels

I've been looking forward to seeing the first three towels, together, and finished, and was able to do that tonight. The towels on the left and right each had a different weft, and though they look very much alike, if you look closely there is a subtle difference.

In a few minutes, the warp will be lashed back onto the rod and the loom will be ready for me to begin weaving more towels tomorrow. Again, there will be different wefts used, some "solid," some overall plaid, some with plaid borders, all in twill. After those, I plan to play around with with treadling and see what happens with the remaining warp.

I've been cranking socks again, sold a pair today, mailed a pair off to NY state, and have three or four more orders to take care of. Now, I'm looking for a balance in time between the weaving I want to do, and the socks needing to be cranked, and still allow some time for spinning and felting. I have a lot to accomplish before spring and warmer weather, when I will also need to work on the house.

The photo above is my home and weaving studio in the Northwoods of WI.


Peg in South Carolina said...

I like the towels but it is the photo that speaks to my heart! I know in truth I wouldn't want to live there now at this time of my life, but I do miss it.

Sue said...

The towels are beautiful!

What are the wefts in the different towels? When I clicked on the picture I could really see that they were different and I'm curious about the types of yarn.

Love the picture of your place! Looks like a wonderful setting for you and your looms!

Janice Zindel said...

Hi Peg & Sue,
I love my rustic log home in the northwoods, having a woodburning range heating our home (days) all winter, and hope to be able to stay here for awhile yet, it is simple lifestyle yet work intensive at times.

Sue, this warp is 100% Swedish cottolin sett at 24 epi. The plaid towel has a cottolin weft; the towel on the left is a 2-ply linen and cotton (one strand of each); the towel on the right is a single-ply linen with cotton slubs.
The cottolin is from Glimakra. The two linen/cotton wefts are from WEBS. I'll be using the linen/cotton wefts both singly and
doubled in towels yet this week.

Back to my sock machine for awhile, then the loom. ~Jan

Sue said...


Thanks for the info on the yarns you used! Now I get to look at the towels again!

February is a time when I wonder why I live somewhere so cold. It is a nice time of year to be obsessed with yarn!!

Stay warm!